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Aranmula kannadi (Ma
Aranmula kannadi (Malayalam: ആറന്മുളക്കണ്ണാടി, meaning the Aranmula mirror) is a handmade metal-alloy mirror, made in Aranmula, a small town in the state of Kerala, India. Unlike the normal "silvered" glass mirrors, it is a metal-alloy mirror or front surface reflection mirror, which eliminates secondary reflections and aberrations typical of back surface mirrors. The exact metals used in the alloy are maintained as a Vishwakarma (Malayalam: വിശ്വകർമ്മജർ) family secret. Metallurgists suggest that the alloy is a mix of copper and tin. It is polished for several days to achieve the miror's reflective surface.[1] They are considered to be one of the eight auspicious items or "ashtamangalyam" that play a role in the entry of the bride at a wedding venue. These unique metal mirrors are the result of Kerala's rich cultural and metallurgical traditions.
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